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  • Installation
  • Training
  • Hardware
  • VPN


You’ve made a smart choice in moving to a DIS Business system. The features and functionality of our software will provide valuable tools to help you manage your growing business. But without a detailed, quality data conversion, you won’t realize the full benefit for years!

That’s where our data conversion department comes in. DIS has a team of highly experienced software developers just for business system data conversions. These specialized engineers have completed data conversions from every major software supplier in our industry and are ready to make your transition as smooth as possible.


Installing a new business system is hard work. Too often, software vendors claim it’s very simple. In fact some try to portray it as seamless. DIS system installers and trainers average 15 years performing DIS system installations. Without doubt, they are the very best at what they do. Ask any customer we have installed.  They will confirm, DIS trainers know what they are doing. That still doesn’t mean a new system installation is easy. It truly is hard work. But in the end, you gain a valuable tool that will help elevate your dealership.

DIS starts your transition with a conference call including our Installation Manager and your DIS sales representative. We make introductions and discuss your individualized plan. During the time leading up to your installation, there will be multiple calls working through a detailed checklist, all to make sure you get the most out of your installation and training time.


We'll say it again - DIS installers are the best in the business. We typically begin with a hardware expert on-site to ensure your hardware is installed and working properly. Many companies ask you to do this work. We believe the more set up we can do prior to your training, the better. DIS hardware installers generally remain on-site during the first day of software training to be insure everything is 100% functional.

Data Verification:

Our experienced system trainer works with you to verify that your data conversion was successful. Actually, this is a second check. We do the first verification before arriving on-site. Initial set up is critical, so we focus significant time making sure it's right.

System Training:

DIS provides comprehensive on-site training for your staff. When your trainer leaves, we don't stop there. You receive a personalized follow-up plan with a DIS follow-up support representative, along with our toll-free 800 phone number. Many customers actually schedule an on-site follow-up a month or two after the “go-live” date to fine tune their new system.


Advanced Training

Some customers only grasp 20%, or less, of what their business system can do. We think you deserve more. We deliver a variety of training options to provide you with convenient, ongoing advanced training.

We offer over 200 instructional tutorials, available on our corporate website or via DVD - giving you access anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. Want more personalized training? We also offer online web conferences and on-site advanced training sessions tailored to your needs. And for those that prefer a group setting with lots of discussion and dealer interaction, we offer Regional Training classes in select cities each year.

Choose the type of training that works for you. Let us assist you in taking full advantage of your system so you can save time, reduce labor and increase profits.

You’ve made a major buying decision - now is the time to truly reap the benefits.  Contact us at dis@discorp.com to find out about Advanced DIS training opportunities.


Why spend hours of your staff’s time trying to install hardware on your network? DIS has networking and hardware trouble-shooting experts on staff to help you. DIS compares hardware, tests for system compatibility, and creates configurations designed to optimize your hardware with the business system. Complete end-to-end dealership systems is what we do, and we have been doing it for over 30 years. Let your people do what they do best, and let DIS take care of the rest. Our offerings include:

Server Upgrades

DIS offers IBM server upgrades including all hardware, server staging, data migration, and software loading/configuration. We verify hardware and software driver compatibility of all add-on components, including: disk drives, RAID controllers, memory, backup solutions, and required adapters. Optimization of all server hardware components and software drivers insures the best price performance. IBM servers are available in either rack mount or floor standing models.

Cloud Computing

DIS offers full off-site hosted computing for customers who prefer to not maintain and manage their own onsite server. Hosted services include operating system patches and updates, offsite data backup, software updates, and user/network management. DIS hosted servers reside in a highly secure, power protected, environmentally controlled server room that is monitored 24 hours a day.

Peripheral Hardware

DIS offers Lenovo desktop and notebook PCs, networked printers, print servers, network switches, and power protection (UPS) hardware. PCs are pre-staged specifically for the business system platform. All hardware sold by DIS is guaranteed to be compatible with DIS business systems.


Highly secure branch store communications over the Internet.

A DIS VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses the Internet to provide fast, cost-effective, and highly secure connectivity between store locations. DIS VPN can also provide a secure link from home to your dealership network. DIS firewalls include dealership specific configuration with ongoing DIS support. Real-time perimeter (at the firewall) intrusion prevention and anti-virus/malware protection is included as well. Enforced PC client based anti-virus protection is also available.

VPN gives you…

  • Reduced cost for branch store communications 
  • Faster connection speeds
  • Protection from unauthorized access
  • Multiple layers of encryption to secure your data
  • Automatically updated anti-spyware for your network
  • Optional connections from a home PC