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Technology Driven. People Focused.

With more than 2300 locations served, DIS is the leading provider of business system software to agricultural, construction and material handling dealers and distributors in North America. We have served the equipment dealership industry since 1980.

We pride ourselves on getting to truly know and understand our customers, allowing us to provide the RIGHT solutions, support and training to help their businesses succeed. We are driven by integrity, a passion for innovation, and the desire to have a positive influence on our industry.

DIS is headquartered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest city of Bellingham, Washington, USA.


Building better dealers for over 30 years


"Have a relentless focus on the things that make our customers win in a competitive environment."
- DIS President, Randy McIntyre

DIS began from an equipment dealer background, so we understand dealerships have highly individual needs. From one-location family stores to 50-site enterprises, over 2300 equipment dealership locations across North America rely on DIS software to manage their business. 

The key to our success is to build deeper and broader relationships with our customers to help them succeed. If the dealers we serve succeed, then our own success will follow. We also partner with more than 30 manufacturers to bring our customers direct interfaces to the equipment lines they carry.

Our manufacturers

From our start in 1980, we decided priority one was serving the dealer.

Today, DIS has more than 2300 locations in North America... but it all started with one lost tractor. Here’s a glance at our rich history, and a snapshot of our many successes over the last 30-plus years:Brim Tractor Dealership

1974 – Brim Tractor dealership loses track of a tractor being shipped from London. Bob Brim convinces the owner (his dad) to let him use a computer to automate some business processes.

1974 - Bob Brim borrows midnight to 4am timeslot on an IBM System 3 and begins writing an equipment inventory-control program.

IBM System 32

1976 – Brim Tractor buys an IBM System 32.  It arrives in a clean, white 18-wheeler and is offloaded by a driver and helper dressed entirely in white, including white gloves.

1979 – Brim Tractor decides to try to sell their new software system to other dealerships.

The first sale is made to Coastal Ford Tractor in Salinas, CA.

January 7, 1980 – DIS Corporation was born.

1980 DIS Staff

August 1980 – First system installed at Power Machinery in Oxnard, CA. By the end of that year, 12 dealerships were running DIS software.

September 1980 – Ford Tractor endorses DIS for their dealers nationwide.

1981 – DIS and IBM go on a highly successful 1980 Ford Tractorjoint “US Tour”- many sales follow.

1982 - 1983 – Case Corporation, Massey Ferguson and White Tractor all select DIS to provide computer systems to their dealers.

1983 – DIS seeks and receives venture capital funding, providing the funding to continue its rapid growth.

1984: DIS writes communication interface for Honda Motor Company, and trains Honda dealers on the new system.

Inc magazine1985: DIS recognized as #118 in Inc, Magazine’s list of “500 Fastest-Growing Companies.

1985: Case acquires farm equipment division of International Harvester, requires all dealers to install a computer system, and endorses DIS as an approved vendor. DIS sells 85 systems in one month.

1985: DIS again receives venture capital funding, to fund the growth being spurred by the Case endorsement.

1986: DIS recognized as #201 in Inc, Magazine’s list of “500 Fastest-Growing Companies.

1986: ThermoKing selects DIS to provide computer systems to their dealers.

1986: DIS computerizes service centers for GE (Camco) and Whirlpool (Inglis) in Canada.

1986: Cummins North America selects DIS to write, distribute and support a communications system for their dealers and distributors. This contract continues today, and the now internet-based system connects more than 2400 dealers and distributors.infiniti logo

1987: DIS recognized as #208 in Inc, Magazine’s list of “500 Fastest-Growing Companies.

1989: DIS wins a contact to create and install a new business system for Infiniti dealers.

1989: IBM purchases DIS from venture capitalists.

1991: AGCO selects DIS as one of only 3 preferred vendors for dealer computer systems.

1993: DIS staff buys company back from IBM, and remains fully staff-owned today.

1994: Ford Motor Company selects DIS as one of four “Preferred Providers” for its Canada dealers.

1994: IBM logoDIS recognized by IBM as an “All-Star Business Partner” on the AS/400 computer platform.

1995: DIS earns IBM’s “Blue Ribbon” status in Canada – awarded to its top business partner performers.

1997: DIS designated as IBM “Premier Business Partner” – their highest recognition. DIS has maintained that status for most years since.

1997: DIS acquires Challenger business system, its largest competitor. This diversified DIS’ mostly large-sized customer base by adding many small and medium-sized dealers.

2000: Kubota contracts with DIS to build and deliver a system for preparing and submitting Kubota tractorcommercial contracts for its dealers.  The rollout was one of the most successful software projects in Kubota’s history.

2000: DIS sells auto dealership business to its Toronto staff, enabling it to focus on core business of farm, construction and material handling dealers.

2001: DIS launched Keystone – an internet-based dealership business system

2002: DIS acquires the Business Manager system, adding 180 AGCO dealers to its customer base.

Prism2005: DIS acquires NDS, and the QuipWare business system is born.

2005: DIS endorsed by Volvo.

2009: DIS endorsed by DitchWitch

2010: DIS endorsed by Krone.

2011: DIS Prism debuts to great excitement. This web-based, fully portable and customizable dashboard is set to revolutionize the way dealers manage dailiy business operations.

2011: DIS acquires Minitrac Software, adding more than 100 customers in the field of material handling.

 Robert Brim

Robert Brim
Special Projects

"Change is unavoidable, so I choose to embrace it. It stimulates my thinking expands my opportunities and  drives me to action until I too become a force changing all I touch."

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 Randy McIntyre, President

Randy McIntyre
President & CEO

"Have a relentless focus on the things that make our customers win in a competitive environment."

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 Wende Sanderson

Wende Sanderson
Sr. VP, Services and Development

"Technology can enhance, but never replace, our human need for person-to-person interaction and relationships."

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Wendell Knight
VP, Dealer Services Keystone

"I dream of a world where 100% of the people can be happy 100% of the time. Until then, 99% would be OK."

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 Phillip Conophy

Phillip Conophy
VP, Development

"Powerful and compelling technology solutions are elegant in design, efficient in application, and intuitive in operation.  This is my standard and my measure of success."

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Why do our employees have an average tenure of 10 years?

We recognize the value of a healthy and happy workforce, for the good of your future and ours. Our staff enjoys a range of benefits including affordable health and dental plans, wellness incentive programs, 401k, continuing education opportunities, flexible work schedules and a fully stocked on-site kitchen.


Company Structure

We currently employ over 130 people in a wide variety of disciplines, including software development, customer support, system installation, sales and marketing. We retain our talent by encouraging continuous learning and by supporting them in finding a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

Because DIS highly values and encourages individual initiative in meeting our customers’ needs, we do not have a traditional top-down structure. On our organizational chart, DIS staff members who write the code, support the customers, and maintain the organization are listed at the top and corporate officers are at the bottom.

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